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Magnus Financial Group LLC is an independent investment management firm. We provide customized wealth management and financial planning services for clients in all phases of their lives. For over fifteen years, our advisors have put client needs first and have helped them achieve long-term financial success and security.

The Magnus approach to wealth management has been built around the need to develop a clearly defined strategy to help a spectrum of clients with varying financial goals. We utilize both quantitative and qualitative research to help evaluate our clients’ holdings and define an asset allocation structured to their risk tolerance and goals. This tailored approach centers around optimizing investment outcomes and designing insurance portfolios to provide protection should life circumstances unexpectedly change.

Our approach emphasizes:

  • modern technology which provides transparency and real-time access
  • personalized service focused on our clients
  • executing on a plan with the goal of providing long-term financial security
  • Systematically revisiting the plan to review, reassess and recalibrate

Each client’s needs are different. Magnus provides investment advisory services tailored to the client’s unique circumstances. Magnus advisors consult with clients on an initial and ongoing basis to assess their specific risk tolerances, time horizon, liquidity constraints and other factors relevant to the management of their asset portfolios.

If clients’ financial situations change, or if their investment objectives and/or risk tolerances change, clients are advised to promptly notify Magnus.


Our process starts with meeting with you, the client, to learn about your personal circumstances. We then prepare a recommended financial plan with the help of our “Investment Team” and prepare a presentation and implementation strategy for client approval. Finally, once the strategy is agreed upon, the plan is executed. Strong communication from the initial meeting phase and beyond is a key to long-term success. We will meet at throughout the year to ensure plan transparency and to provide ample time to modify the plan as circumstances change.

The process not only focuses on collecting information and identifying goals, we work diligently to optimize client portfolios, provide timely portfolio rebalancing and tax loss harvesting while providing clients with the ability to monitor performance through mobile technology.


Magnus’ Investment team is divided into operations, research and trading and represents another integral component of our operations platform. Our Investment Team provides ongoing portfolio monitoring and conducts market research and analysis for our investment clients. Our wealth management advisors work closely with Investment Team personnel. They serve as a devoted and specialized team to help Magnus advisors make timely and informed investment decisions which contributes to our comprehensive planning process. It helps to ensure that client investments properly align with personal goals and needs are accurately reflected and projected throughout their financial plan.

Among other things, our Investment Team:

  • actively monitors client investment holdings
  • applies a disciplined rebalancing approach to realign with an underlying investment policy statement
  • optimizes and maintains the best asset allocation mix to achieve the desired return objectives given the client risk tolerance
  • audits fees and performance of our fund managers
  • conducts annual customized tax-loss harvesting for the purpose of minimizing tax consequences.